About OCHO

Our consultants will help you to build your own blueprint for corporate social sustainability.

Our consultants will help you to build your own blueprint for corporate social sustainability.


The co-founders offer their resourceful combined experience of over 30 years professional engagements in the four continents – South American, European, Middle Eastern and Asian regions – dealing with a multitude of different nationalities, and acting as advisers and facilitators in bridging the gaps between diverse cultural backgrounds, supporting talents and consulting on new ventures or restructuring processes.

Gisela Paola Ciancio

Gisela Paola Ciancio

Gisela Paola Ciancio

Tourism (University Degree)

Hospitality (Diploma)

Strategic Human Resources Management (Post-graduate diploma)


Gisela Ciancio has a degree in Tourism from the University of Moron (Argentina), a Diploma in Hospitality from the Technology, University de Monterrey (Mexico), and also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Human Resources Management from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa.
Gisela Ciancio started her career 24 years ago in Argentina, working in the leisure and tourism sector in Buenos Aires, before dedicating her time to the hospitality luxury market, in the areas of Human Resources, training, executive leadership and quality assurance.

Gisela has worked for a significant number of international luxury hotel brands including InterContinental, Sheraton, Westin, W and Four Seasons in Buenos Aires, Los Cabos, Doha, Macao, Dublin, London and New York. Until recently she also set up and led the Global HR function for the Global Student Accommodation Group based in Dubai and with operations involving more than 10,000 rooms in UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and UAE.

In her many years of professional experience, Gisela has worked with around 7,500 employees, more than 72 different nationalities, has conducted over 28,000 interviews, led 12 significant restructuring processes and start-ups, and she has improved the quality of service in more than 40 companies.

Since June 2018, Gisela has been dedicated to providing professional consulting services related to the optimization of People Experiences (Customers and Employees).

Stefania Badariotti

Stefania Badariotti

Stefania Badariotti

University Degree in Law (BLaw)

International and European Law (LLM and Certificate in Transnational Laws)

International Business (Master’s Degree and Pocket MBA)

Arab-Muslim Language, Culture and Society (Continuous Learning Certificate)

Social Innovation (Course on Human-centered Design for Social Innovation)


Stefania holds two post-graduate degrees (Master of International Business – Major in M&A, Ethics and public policy, and LL.M. – Major in International and European Law). She is specialized in International Relations and Transnational Business Laws (formation of companies and rights of the shareholders), having developed lobbying, governmental affairs, entrepreneurial, learning and communication skills in Turin (Italy), Geneva (Switzerland), Maastricht (Netherlands), Moscow (Russia), and the Middle Eastern Region (UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia).

She masters advisory for community building thanks to her advisory role in International Relations for a global disruptive entrepreneurship academy. Stefania offers her multi-linguistic capabilities and has proven track-records in codification (codex of laws), legal drafting (constitutive acts, licensing), business development and internationalization strategy (sourcing international solution providers), corporate advisory and structuring, and educational management.

She started her international career in Geneva at the UN office of legal affairs (International Law Commission – Human Rights) prior obtaining a scholarship by a non-profit business school headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and venturing in b2b marketing forums, compliance and strategic legal advisory, fundraising and business incorporation in the United Arab Emirates and Gulf Countries. In her nine-years of Middle-Eastern professional experience, Stefania has served entrepreneurs and C-level executives of 50+ different nationalities facing legal obligations, owning real estate properties, holding commercial interests and investments, setting up their business ventures in more than one jurisdiction.

Among her significant achievements are The Youth in the Law Hall in 2005 on “The promotion of multicultural projects among the youth population”; The UN World Youth Report 2011 on the “Education as a Path to Citizenship” submitted to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (Youth Perspective 2011); The 23rd Congress of the International Academy of Legal Medicine – “Medical malpractice: Law and medical ethics”; And the Second Forum: Women Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Kingdom of Bahrain.



Javier J. Vázquez

Javier J. Vázquez

Javier J. Vázquez

Sociology (University Degree)

Public Policies (Post-graduate Degree)

Social Policies (Post-graduate Degree)


Javier J. Vázquez holds a degree in Sociology from the University of Buenos Aires (2007), and a post-graduate degree in Public Policies (UBA, 2011) and a Postgraduate Degree in Social Policies (UNTreF, 2014), EDGE Expert (IFC, 2015).

He began to work with the environmental and social problems in 2007, from the Urban Recycling approach, with the Cooperativización de los Cartoneros de CABA projects and the improvements of the productive processes of the sale of the materials, the implementation of the law of Grandes Generators, the creation of Green Points and the Separation in buildings and Public spaces. He participated in the drafting of the annexes of law 1854 “Zero Waste” of 2013.

Later, as Chief of Staff of the DG of Environmental Strategies, it works on the Climate Change Action Plan 2020 of CABA, the implementation of the Production Program more Clean, the assembly of the Lugano Lake Nature Reserve (Lugano, CABA), the organization of the Solar Cities event (2014), in several pilot projects of photovoltaic energy promoted by the APrA and the bill regulating the use of Balloons with Helium (2015 CABA Legislature). Represented the GCBA presenting the Action Plan on Climate Change 2020 in several national and international events.

In 2016, as an advisor to the Secretary of Social and Urban Inclusion, he achieved the EDGE certification (IFC-BM) of the Entrepreneurial and Labor Development Center of Barrio 31, which promoted the design of the first social interest housing (VIS) with renewable energies in CABA, 1200 new homes with injection to the grid, solar collectors and energy efficiency design, designed for the relocation of residents of Barrio 31.

Currently part of the CeSus, a project of the Club of Rome Argentine Chapter where he works as a consultant in Sustainable Urban Development for local governments, in sustainability for companies (P + L, Recycling, etc.) and as an Environmental and Social Consultant of IFC-BID performance standards for renewable energy companies within the framework of the RenovAr Plan Ministry of Energy of the National Government.


Ocho Management Consultancy is a firm that provides Corporate Social Responsibility & Social Impact consulting services fostering the well-being of employees and the communities of future workers.

“Ocho” means eight in Spanish. The name was chosen as all our initiatives have the purpose to support the “UN Sustainable Development Goal #8(2030 Agenda)”: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.
Our purpose is to equip people with tools, inspiration, and diverse experiences to face tomorrow’s job demands while creating an impact in the societies where we work.

Within our consultancy framework to companies, we develop initiatives with the aim of creating social impact from within the company via activities and experiences in which employees will participate in and/or within the community that they desire to impact.

These initiatives are vital for the well-being of the company because when people are part of a workplace/community that nurtures them with camaraderie, generosity and human values, it is inevitable that they will adopt such behaviors and will spread them in the communities where they live in, consequently impacting back the business results of the companies they work for.

The type of activities we propose to create they will:

• Awake generosity and humanity
• Foster Camaraderie
• Leverage morale
• Promote emotional connection
• Strengthen Relationships
• Create a result-driven mindset
• Improve business results
• Promote a positive connection with the local community
• Enhance the social condition of the local community
• Develop a sustainable relationship with the local community

We are firm believers that via social impact, we can all contribute to developing more productive and decent work for all, therefore creating a sustainable future of work.

“Don’t give to get. Give to inspire others to give.”
By Simon Sinek


Our purpose is to equip people with tools, inspiration, and diverse experiences to face tomorrow’s job demands while creating an impact in the societies where we work.

“Ocho” means eight in Spanish. The name was chosen as all our initiatives have the purpose to support the United Nations Global Goal #8 for Sustainable Development.

What do we do

Ocho Management Consultancy creates initiatives, jointly with the CSR managers of companies practicing corporate social responsability, with the aim of creating social impact starting from and within the companies by hosting activities with the corporate team.

These activities are vital for the well-being of any company because when employees familiarize themselves with camarederie, they tend to adopt such behaviours in their own communities and by doing so contribute to the well-being of the society.

The activities are listed under two categories:
1- CSR
2- Social Impact Initiatives